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Product Information & Pricing

Product Information

Recharge is available in 100ml, 500ml and 2litre bottles.

100ml bottle treats 3 to 4 car batteries or 2 x 15plate, N-70 4wd batteries or 6 to 8 smaller motorbike or lawn mower batteries.
Retails for approximately $30 to $35 inc GST.

500ml bottle treats 20 car batteries or 10 N-70 tractor batteries or 5 or 6 N-150 truck batteries. Retails for approximately $110 to $120 inc GST.

2-Litre bottle treats 70 to 80 car batteries or 42 N-70 tractor batteries or 22 N-150 truck batteries.

New Zealand Retail is approx $360 inc GST.

Australia Retail is approx $395 inc GST – PLUS extra freight to more remote areas such as – NT, Tasmania, WA and outer QLD.

2-Litres treats most independent lighting systems – ideal for golf-carts or fork-lift batteries (See ‘Battery Volume Calculation’ in Documents section for dose rates)

  • Recharge has a virtually indefinite shelf life and will last for years in the bottle without breaking down, just KEEP THE LID ON.
  • Recharge can thicken in cold conditions and should be stored and used above 5 dec C. If thickening occurs warm the product slowly by standing in the sun or in a bucket of warm water shaking occasionally till flowing freely.
  • It is very important to READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully. Recharge is very corrosive and can cause damage if not used correctly. The manufacturers take no responsibility for damage caused by abuse or misuse of this product.



Product Information Pdf’s

Recharge Instruction Sheet
Recharge Information Sheet
Battery Electrolyte Volume Calculation Sheet

If you are unable to open the above documents click here to download the free Adobe Reader.