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Seymour Alternative Farming Expo Feb 2012

Gareth Stevens Healsville, VIC

Batteries were gone and I thought they were stuffed. $10,000 worth of batteries bought back to life Thanks +614 3045 4656

Gerards note: He was over the moon we had saved him $10,000 for the outlay of a 2-Litre bottle about $320 said they were going like new batteries 12 months later

Sungold Field Days, Warrnambool Feb 2012
Gerard P Condor Panmure VIC
I first started using Recharge four years ago.
I think it is great

Seymour Alternative Farming Expo Feb 2012
Myrtleford VIC (I can’t read his name)
Used this product (Recharge)
- Tractor batteries, motorbike and boat batteries
It actually works as they say it does

Graeme, Bundaburg, Qld

At Farmfest in Toowoomba 2010, I enquired at the Recharge stand about the additive for my father in-law’s golf buggy batteries

At first I was skeptical about it but was convinced after taking the flyer away and reading it Two weeks after the show I purchased some recharge form our local CRT WOW what a difference it made to the batteries.

They charge, hold longer and stronger and the charge time we found reduced I recommend RECHARGE to anyone who has battery powered or operated vehicles

Emerald Field Days
Shane Perry
Clermont Qld

Excellent product, easy to use, no problems what so ever and what they says it will do it actually does.

I use the recharge battery maintenance program

My batteries used to last 12 months now they are 4 years and most are still going.

Gerard’s note: He said he buys cheapo batteries, can’t see the point in expensive ones. He bought 2 more 500ml bottles at the Emerald field days 2011
House Batteries

Rod H Sollitt Taumaranui, NZ

I put 6 x 2-volt batteries into my house, they were approximately 4 years old when I got them they were being thrown out. I had them in my shed for 2 years doing nothing so they were dead.

I put Recharge into them and after a couple of days being charged by solar panels they started to come again. After a week they were running a 3 bedroom solar powered house with an inverter. I would recommend it to anyone.
Rod: Ph 0064 7895 3432
National Australia Field Days
Orange 2007
Richard MacKay

Brand new battery, 5 years old, never used or kept charged, would not even take charge. Used Recharge as directed battery now in use and performing like new.

Gerard’s note: I have seen Richard at the ANFD at Orange NSW every year since this testimonial he is on his 3rd 450ml bottle. This year 2011 the above battery was still going 5 years later

8 June 2011
Tony Thurston
Tangent Tools

Our electric forklift was getting tired. The Recharge (Battery Revitalizer) bought the batteries back to life. Now there is less time to recharge (the batteries) and the charge lasts longer – definitely worth the investment!! Tony

Brian Kelly
Tamworth NSW

I bought it (Recharge) about 3 years ago. I dosed landcruiser, cars, mower, solar panel (batteries) etc and they have kept going good. The land-cruiser batteries were playing up and were only a year old, they are now 4 years old (and still going fine)

House Batteries

Greg Laird
55 Mason Rd,
Nedland Beach

Great Barrier Island NZ Excellent cost saving in the long run I have 6 batteries charged by solar (panels), over a period of time the product (Recharge) has kept the batteries charged (and) in top condition

Rex Stotten Machinery Sales
Horsham Victoria

N-70 battery in an old A534 International tractor would not hold charge, used Recharge – Turned an old battery to like a new one again Holds charge, great stuff 7 Murray St, Horsham

Henty Field Days 2005
Dennis Wolfe
Wagga Wagga NSW

I had a deep cell battery that would charge up but not fully, then would not hold charge. I used Recharge and it came up to full charge again and I haven’t had to charge it since

Ag-Fest 2006
Wayne Preece

Bought bottle (of Recharge) 2005 Ag-Fest (field days) my father had an N-200 battery for a mobile home. Told by a battery agent the the battery was unserviceable! After giving it a dose of Recharge and charging it up the battery worked efficiently for a long period of time. I recommend (this) product.

David Hewitson
Rollands Plains

I bought a 100ml bottle of Recharge at the Ag-Quip (field days) 2005 The bottle of Recharge was used in a large tractor battery that is used infrequently. After several days connected to my solar electric fence charger the old battery bounced back to life. Now at Ag-Quip 2006 the battery is still going strong (12 months later)

Peter Thomsom

NZ Being a bit of a skeptic I was dubious about using Recharge, however after replacing several 14 month old batteries in my boat I thought, ‘what have I got to lose?’ Three years on, after using Recharge in my Tractor, 4 wheeler and boat all the batteries are still going strong. Much to my surprise it (Recharge) works

Caravan Deep Cycle Batteries
Northalnd Field Days 200
Ken Hollay

Kaitaia NZ Caravan batteries: Average life was 6 years With Recharge they are 10 years old and still going strong

David Vest
Grong Grong

This is an excellent product, it really works. Last year, with our Landcruiser battery at the point of needing to purchase a new one, we tried “Recharge” One year later the Landcruiser is still running perfectly! Honest truth!

Pete Ritchie
Natural Instincts
Ngongotaha NZ

I am a skeptical kind a guy! I am also an a grade mechanic who has suffered buggered batteries at the worst possible times I was talked into trying Recharge & to be honest never expected such a positive result THIS STUFF WORKS, WITH BELLS ON! I use it for long storage of my fleet when out of work season Re-invigorating old batteries that have been left flat and now I treat all my new batteries for longer life

Central Districts Field Days
Frances Soler
Porongahau NZ

(I have been) using this product for over a year Saved 2 x N150’s Saved 2 x 86’s Saved 1 x N 200 Various others Saved me about $800 to $1000 a year by increasing battery life for about $80 worth of Recharge

Brian Darragh

Batteries are lasting up to seven and a half years and all still going well

Doug Falulkner
Hamilton NZ

Recharge is awesome! We had a dead battery in our car as it was four years old and was slow at starting the car in the mornings Finally my wife left the lights on to finish it off. I put Recharge in and charged all day and overnight. A year later it still works.

Harley Hargraves
Onehunga Auckland

I bought Recharge 3 years ago and treated a battery which was supposed to need replacing. (It’s still going) We have now used the battery for three years without any problems and a battery place tested it and said it was OK